I like lists, adventures and blueberries, but despise tomatoes. I have an intense book problem and love to travel. I rarely follow a recipe to the annoyance of my engineer husband. I recently finished an MPH in International Health and am scheming up how to mesh it with my technology background. My husband and I call the green/wet side of the Pacific NW home.


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  1. Hello Erin, Glad to see you started a blog. The excerpts you wrote were pleasant and appealing. So Grad studies are finished and you are finding time to dabble with writing. Good for you. Just plant your feet and get moving. I just finished A Fine Balance and The Kite Runners. “A Fine Balance” sucked the air out of me. I’m still struggle to make sense of the corruption, poverty and disregard for life in Indira Gandi’s regime. Your trip to Bosnia sounds wonderful in an educational way I hope marriage suits you and that you are well. Until, Mary

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    1. Hi Mary! Thanks for swinging by. I admit it was a bit of a halting start to writing, but I’m not putting any requirements or restrictions on it for the moment. After 3 years of research paper I’m trying to enjoy the process a bit.

      I haven’t heard of Fine Balance and will now be off to look it up!


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