perks of apartment living

This phase of life has us living in an apartment for a handful of months. It’s the first time we’ve spent a month in one place since we were in Greece in October and prior to that since we moved out of the house in July last summer. It’s also the first time we’ve moved into a place together and the first time I’ve lived in an apartment since I bought the house in 2009! It’s been nice to have a real kitchen (and good knives!) and to not be constantly looking for the next place to stay. There’s plenty I miss about our roaming and the house, but have been thinking more lately on the perks of this phase and writing them out, mostly for myself seemed fitting.

  • When the dryer is broken a new one appears: carried up the 3 flights of stairs, installed and paid for by someone else.
  • The blocked gutters are also someone else’s concern.
  • No yard maintenance.
  • No garbage/yard waste/recycling cans to remember to put on the street at the correct time.
  • When the sidewalks of the entire town are uncharacteristically ice over for an entire week using a normally despised treadmill for the first time in a year doesn’t require a gym membership.
  • Leaving town requires only locking the door. No notifying neighbors, asking someone to put out garbage cans and considering yard/house maintenance needs.
  • New/old running trails to explore/rediscover.
  • Local happy hours!
  • A large, comfy (if not nearly as quaint/cozy) library.



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