Marmalade and the #fijchallenge

Blood Orange Marmalade in process

One of my favorite food/canning blogs (Food in Jars) announced early this month that she was going to host a canning challenge this year.  I’ve been canning for almost 10 years now (!!), usually a mix of things we love and use, plus things our families love since baskets of canned goods are our main holiday gifts (my take on Advent Conspiracy) with a couple new things mixed in every year as there’s time.

We have our standbys: herbed tomatoes, pizza and pasta sauce, dilly beans and spicy jams for appetizer plates and grilled cheese. There’s our family favorites: pepper jelly, fig jam, spiced apple butter and Asian plum sauce and then what originally got the best friend and I into canning in the first place – our salsa :). Usually we have a salsa weekend event made often with my sister and some level of interruptions from the littles with our spouses (mostly willingly) involved in some manner  at one of our homes with the kids nearby in the heat of August/September when tomatoes at our at their prime. For the most part I’ve found we tend to better use the savory vs. sweet and when I do use jam, I much prefer my mom’s freezer variety than canned ones.

The #fijchallenge kicks off this month with marmalade. Which marries lots of new for me – I’ve never worked with citrus in the canner and never made a marmalade. In fact, I can’t remember eating marmalade although I’m positive I’ve tried it at some point, because really who hasn’t tried the small packaged orange marmalade found on all restaurant tables? Also I’ve spent several months’ worth of life traveling in the British Isles and I’m pretty sure it’s a requirement for anyone who steps on the ground there to eat their share of marmalade on scones. I love good oranges, but never seem to figure out how to determine what will taste good and I rather hate peeling them so other than a bag of cuties each year, eat very little citrus. Except limes! We also have a stash of limes that go into soups and tacos and burritos and salads and…

Blood Orange Marmalade

Which brings us to yesterday and the best friend’s visit to our new little temporary home for marmalade making in between taking care of a sick kiddo and dodging our insane winter weather. We made 2 small batches of marmalade in sync. The best friend chose Blueberry Lemon Marmalade from Eat Live Run and I made Blood Orange Meyer Lemon Marmalade from Kevin West’s Saving the Season.

Both turned out great from initial taste tests, although with marmalade you’re supposed to wait a bit to open jars and gauge the final flavor/set so we’ll see. The Blood Orange was super runny in the jars, but this morning had set up firmer than the Blueberry, which has a great set even if it doesn’t photograph quite as well. I love the color the Blood Oranges adds!

I picked the Meyer Lemons we used in both recipes up from a little produce farm on our way to the airport home from San Diego last week; the blueberries were from her freezer stash from last summer and the Blood Oranges were from New Seasons who is having lots of Citrus tasting and sales this week – if you’re in the area definitely go check it out – the Cara Cara Oranges were amazing!

Blueberry Meyer Lemon Marmalade
Blueberry Meyer Lemon Marmalade

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