Refugee Crisis News Sources

I’ve had a couple questions about where I get most of my news related to the refugee crisis, so thought I would mix things up and share that information. Particularly given how quickly things change and the nature of the crisis (I.E. many refugees wanting to remain anonymous for various reasons), it can be challenging to find good information, especially when you’re removed from a situation that is spread out across more than one continent. Over the past 18 months I’ve been reading steadily and daily about the situation and a few sources have come to the top of the pile for consistent accuracy. The three sources below are ones I follow on social media and keep up on, the first one I usually read their daily digests most days. I also read pieces from the WSJ, NYTimes, BBC, Guardian, Al Jazeera and Foreign Policy and The Economist on occasion as well. I like the balance of reading from multiple major sources in different places, but have consistently found these 3 the most reliable for on the ground news and their also the ones people are least likely already aware of.

  • Are You Syrious: I’m linking to 2 sites, first is their feed on where they post their daily updates, and second is their Facebook page, which they post links to their digests and additional information. Since you likely already use FB, this is most likely the easier way to get their content. I’ve been following this organization since they started about 14 months ago and am continually impressed with they work and information. Daily they provide updates with numbers of refugees arriving in Europe, status in different places and various other happenings. Sometimes the English grammar is slightly off, but it’s consistently great.
  • News That Moves: Another great source of news in a constantly changing situation. Linked with Internews, which is another great organization, News that Moves aims to provide verifiable information regarding the current refugee crisis. Much of their information is geared towards refugees and aims to respond to current rumors.
  • Preemptive Love Coalition: This one is a little different. They are a faith based organization working in some of the hardest places to be right now: Iraq, Syria,, etc. The more I learn about this organization the more impressed I am. Their posts consistently challenge me and how I think about current world issues. This is an organization I’ve given money to and will continue to give money to as well. Most of their posts are linked to where they work, this is a great place to learn more about ISIS and especially Iraq.

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