day 11

Being as it’s been 19 days since I posted anything, I’m guessing I don’t need to say a whole lot about how well the writing daily thing has been going. 🙂 We’re back in town and life’s been a bit of a flurry of catching up on tasks, catching up with people and prepping for leaving the country for 2 months (!!). Somehow in the midst of that I’ve jumped into a handful of books I’ve finished, but planting in order to write has been much more challenging. One of the upsides of being back in town is getting to walk to coffee at my favorite spots, although now that the university in town has started classes, it’s a much different and less quiet experience (if more entertaining in some ways/moments).

The start of classes at the university also brought my youngest brother to town. For the first time since he was 18 months old when I left for college, we live in not just the same state, but the same city! Plus, he picked the same university and it even the same college, so has a couple of professors I had years ago. It’s been fun remembering a bit of the start of college experiences as he begins and I’m incredibly excited to have the chance to get to know him better as an adult and to see where these next few years take him. Every once in a while it’s so hard to imagine enough time has passed for him to be 18 and in college. His birth changed and disrupted our family dynamics in all sorts of wonderful ways; at least a few that my oh so gracious, unselfish 16 year old self welcomed less than happily.

I can remember listening to my other brother and sister bicker about who would get to hold him first leading up to his birth and feeling less of their excitement and much more teenage angst and irritation at the additional responsibilities that came to me as the oldest surrounding his arrival. But then. Really, his arrival was the first time I willingly chose and wanted to be around a baby/small child. Babysitting and willingly working in the church nursery just never appealed to me. But here’s this adorable little guy, whose personality so quickly presented itself ready to tease, laugh, play and claim his place in our family of 3 teenagers. He spent many of his naps at soccer games, carpool pickups and being carted around by his usually adoring and much older siblings.

This kid quickly became one of my favorite people on the planet and charmed everyone with his 2 year old well annunciated announcements at church that “I am a good annunciator. Then later all my college friends as he told silly stories and jokes and nearly broke my heart when he announced on a visit junior year through tears that he could not go home with my parents because I didn’t have family with me so he would simply have to stay!

Now my ‘little’ brother has a good 6+ inches on me and has grown into an incredible young man that is still easily one of my favorite people on this planet.


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