day 9: lists

Once, several years ago I wrote a little blog on MSN Spaces. It was a bit of an experiment during a phase where I was working far too many hours and studying for a large series of technical certification exams. In the midst of that crazy season for some reason it seemed a fun diversion to see if I couldn’t pull off successful blogging, whatever that means. I experimented a bit, but found I did best with a general structure to my posts and not so much a common theme, but maybe a consistent voice to the posts. I wrote anonymously and worked at building up a community with other bloggers, a few whom I still communicate with occasionally. I don’t remember the specific stats, but a couple times it was featured on with the resulting immense uptick in visitors. I posted a handful of times a week and consistently had good dialog with a couple dozen comments

Neighborhood Jackrabbit

on posts. It was an enjoyable and satisfying little community where I played with my writing and processed much of life at that point.

One of the formats I commonly used in posts was lists. I rather love lists, creating them somehow creates a little brain space and freedom from remembering items now contained elsewhere. I like their orderliness and I especially like checking things off if it’s that kind of list. One of the writing prompts from the writing challenge is to write a list. Today’s list is of the perks of being ‘location independent’ as seen from one very unscientific view a few weeks in.

  1. No lawn to mow. Actually let’s change this to no yard to weed, because I actually rather enjoy lawn mowing (or cutting the grass as the husband says). There’s something immensely satisfying in the immediate impact it has on how the yard looks upon completion.
  2. No house cleaning. There’s some trade off with this one, it’s somewhat challenging to keep things organized and there’s the normal dish washing, clothes washing, etc. that has its own set of challenges when camping or Airbnb type rentals.
  3. Low desire for acquiring ‘stuff.’ Like when traveling, the need to find a home for new purchases makes filtering out what’s really necessary and functional much clearer then when one has a house to fill with things.
  4. Running is a way to explore a new place, which is a highly motivating reason for me to keep up with this habit I’m trying to acquire.
  5. We walk a good amount more than at home.
  6. Connecting with friends and family we don’t commonly see. For example the great uncle we’ll spend this weekend with.
  7. Opportunity to hone our packing/organizing scheme (it’d been a LONG time since I’d been in The Container Store previous to our moving out of the house).
  8. Opportunity to experiment and improve on our eating and staying active goals while traveling. Somehow despite best efforts these always tend to clast a bit with the goals of exploring and in particular trying local restaurants. So far, we seem to be doing better this round.

I fear this list veered into the realm of uninteresting and it’s now at the 500 words mark, meaning it’s time to send it off into the interwebs before I give in to the temptation to start second guessing and editing!


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