day 8: Calgary

After meandering our way down along the Icefields Parkway and through Banff National Park, we’ve landed in Calgary for the week. I’ve passed through the city and its airport a handful of times, but haven’t spent any actual time here since I was around 10 years old. My main memories are of the Olympic park, standing at the top of the ski jump and of an event simulator or two. We’re all cozied up in our little short term apartment complete with giant kitchen and European washer/dryer that I’m optimistic I’ve figured out how to use, but will know for sure in another 3 hours. My only other similar experience was with a nearly antique German one in an apartment in Prague. It seemed to mostly get clothes really wet and soapy and then give up life for a few hours. The French owner of the apartment spoke functional English and French, the device’s instructions were in German, but not words that Google translate wanted to assist with. The end result was a couple hours of odd Googling and random conversations before we gave up, swallowed a bit of pride and took a bag of wet soapy clothes to the cleaners down the road.

Sights while running – Calgary

It’s pleasant to be somewhere for a bit and pick up routines again, even if in a new city. We’re getting better bit by bit at doing that while we travel. We generally eat and move well at home and continue to get better at doing the same while meandering. It takes intentionality, planning and at least in our case remembering to not wait until we’re suddenly hungry to try planning. J The next few months of meandering are a good bit of the reason I’ve tried to jump back into running. Which has been harder then I’d like and a bit frustrating after I had hit a point in mid-July where it was almost enjoyable and relatively free from pain and misery. Now I suppose I’ve kept the habit, but there’s more walking mixed in than I’d like. I’m deciding activity is still activity and my little fitness tracker has my average still well over the recommended 10,000 daily steps so I’m trying to have a bit of patience and grace as I work back up to it. In some manner I think that’s how it works in reality. Life doesn’t really plateau at a point where an item such as “running” is checked off and always going to be easy and good, but rather it’s an ebb and flow and back and forth and there’s value in the days that are more walking than running. Or I’ll just blame the blister on my little toe that’s proof of the hikes to gaze at glaciers and my failed attempt at choosing appropriate socks. Maybe instead the walk is a good chance to slowly explore bits of the city and the blister is a good reminder of all the adventures and places my feet have carried me even this week.

From here we’re headed to a tiny town on the prairie to visit my great uncle – my maternal grandfather’s last living sibling. I’m aiming to draft up some good open ended questions for him. He’s usually up for telling stories of growing up and family history and I’d like to continue recording a bit of it. Anyone have any good suggestions on questions?



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