day 5 ramblings

Green Gables, Prince Edward Island

Another day missed in the flurry of travel, but I’m just going to stick with my original plan and jump back in. Thanks to Delta’s compute mishap yesterday we’ve been rerouted all over the place, and I’m not waiting for my last flight, which they just announced is delayed. Here’s hoping it’s not too far behind and traffic isn’t too insane, because I am very much ready for a shower and nap. Something about planes always makes me feel like I need a shower. I also remember every time I fly how much I actually dislike flying even though I love to travel.

My mom and I have traveled together better even than I was thinking we would. We’ve spent most of the past few days driving around Prince Edward Island exploring very small almost towns, walking the red beaches and trails and catching a somewhat over the top musical interpretation of Anne of Green Gables. We’ve also laughed a lot. It’s been a much different style of travel than when I travel with my husband or the handful of friends that are my frequent travel buddies. Most importantly I think she’s had a blast. Plus there was only limited motion sickness and no one has actually got sick (at least so far, one more flight to go I suppose).

In my current been traveling too long/eating in airports/awake since 3 am on 3.5 hours of sleep, which was 17 hours ago, my level of insight and contemplation for writing is a bit on the uninspired side. For example, there is a rather large number people sitting around me at the gate right now holding Tim Horton’s coffee, a slightly smaller number eating food from Tim Horton’s and a few who even have bags of Tim Horton swag and in one case a giant canister of Tim Horton ground coffee. I’m assuming this must be for nostalgic purposes, because the one morning there wasn’t another option and we grabbed Tim Horton’s for breakfast it seemed to me to be a slightly greasier version of McDonald’s breakfast and coffee was just palatable. Plus, there’s the whole factor that most likely a good portion of those sitting at this gate have Portland as their final destination since it’s not necessarily a large hub and I’m positive you can get much better coffee in Portland. Alas, that feels like more than enough musings on a Canadian fast food chain for today.

In that vein, I had meant to make sure I didn’t just ramble in any of these 500 word a day entries, but it seems like that’s maybe exactly what I have done today. The good news is that the plane we’re supposed to leave on has apparently arrived, meaning departure should be imminent. One more flight and drive and then a day spent sleeping, catching up on tasks and repacking to head back north again, this time by car! Will be our first real venture into seeing how our organization and prep attempts for living mostly out of a storage unit and the car works, while aiming to still eat well, be active and work productively while exploring. Between that and maybe fleshing out some of the family history I’ve been trying to learn there should be some good content for me to try to turn into moderately interesting writing/reading material.


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