Transitions and Beginnings

Life these days is crammed full of transitions and change. At the cusp of some beginnings and at the winding down settling of others. It often seems there’s much opportunity in change and transition and this time around I’m aiming to take advantage of this season and intentionally build in some new routines and goals. One of those is to dive back into writing as a regularity – as a normal part of life and processing and being. I’ve been trying to restart writing much of 2016, but so far that has mostly landed with intense amounts of editing before anything even makes it out of my head and on to a page of any kind. Which means it never actually makes it to the writing stage and just stays stuck in a pile of almost ideas, almost thoughts and half starts. This time and moment of more upheaval and transition seems a great time to mix that up.

And so. In an effort to get a little help/motivation/tiny bit of accountability along the way I signed up for Jeff Goins’ write 500 words a day challenge. Of course, I signed up 5 days ago while we were still in the midst of moving, but let’s just call today, August 2nd day on, shall we? Announcing the challenge seemed as good a way as any to both start it and create a small bit of accountability surrounding it, even if that’s really mostly for my benefit. I’m also setting ground rules. Because rules are like lists and I really like lists and things to check off and keep things all nice and neatly lined up. So here’s my little list of ground rules to go with the daily writing challenge:

  1. No editing. This is actually Jeff’s rule/suggestion for the challenge and I’m REALLY going to try to stick with it. But I’m also admitting that I will clearly do some basic editing, so I’m actually going to define this as no major overhauls, reworking, etc.
  2. No playing catch up. If I miss a day, and I’m sure I’ll miss more than one; I’m going to skip it and just continue on without trying to make up the words and satisfy the perfectionist side of me that wants everything all lined up and checked off perfectly.

I think for now those are the only two rules I’m going to allow myself. So there it is. I’m going to aim to write daily for the next 30 days and post the outcome of that writing here. I’m going to do my best to catch every day, but won’t play catch up or feel guilty when I miss a day and I’m going to aim to refrain from significant editing along the way. Which seems like as good of a place to start as any given all the transition, change and moving around that the next 30 days will hold!

It somehow feels necessary to also mention that I’ve writing the above in a remarkable short amount of time, while managing to mostly ignore the passionate conversation at the next table in the coffee shop regarding one woman’s experience being ‘actually touched by an angel’ earlier this week. I’m more than a bit intrigued to hear the rest of the story, but managed to write instead and with that, day 1 is in the books at 557 words!


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