Books of October

One of the perks of the lack of a day job is the additional time available for reading. Particularly after the last few years’ combination of full time work and full time school alongside dating and later wedding planning, it’s refreshing to play catch up a bit. Below are the books I’ve finished in October.

  • A Problem From Hell: America & the age of Genocide” – Samantha Powers: Now an Ambassador to the the UN, Powers began her career covering the Balkan conflicts of the 90’s. This is her Pulitzer Prize winning attempt at understanding the US’s historical response to genocide and how what she witnessed in the Balkans aligns. This was an educational and excellent read.
  • “Why Not Me?” – Mindy Kaling: This was a quick, easy, light and enjoyable read. I needed something light after the past few books on genocide and global health.
  • “Glitter & Glue” – Kelly Corrigan: Another book I assumed would be quick and light, but had more substance then I was expecting.
  • “Acedia & Me” – Kathleen Norris: My first Norris, I thoroughly enjoyed and found this challenging. Not a quick read, this one a read alongside several other books this month, while letting it sink in bit by bit.
  • “After You” – Jojo Moyes: The follow up to “Me Before You.” Another quick read, she has a knack for telling a story that really pulls the reader in, while still mixing in some good items and topics for contemplation. Parts of it I felt were less then believable, but I appreciated the ending.
  • “Carry On Warrior” – Glennon Doyle Melton: This one has been on my list for awhile. From the creator of Some of her essays I loved, some I struggled to get through and by the end I was very ready to be done, but still an enjoyable read.

Tea of the day: Coffee actually. The in house blend of my favorite coffee shop, following lunch with the parents on their way through.



The beginning of writing always seems the hardest part. At some point oneĀ  has to dive in and just… start. And so, rather then continuing to internal debate of what should qualify as the first, the beginning, the start, I’m going to start somewhere — here.